OFF Line Corporation launches Photozou+ to complement Japan’s largest SNS photo service, Photozou

Off Line Corporation (Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku; Koichi Ishizuka, President and CEO) releases Photozou+, a paid Photo SNS that increases user’s upload storage to 5GB/month with an unlimited file size.

Off Line Corporation (Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku; Koichi Ishizuka, President and CEO) will start a monthly premium photo sharing SNS, Photozou+, from October 21st 2014.
Monthly upload capacity for Photozou+ is 5GB while individual files sizes are not capped.
Furthermore, premium subscribers will be able to view Photozou ad-free.
Photzou+ was designed as a cloud service for smartphone (iOS/Android) users who wish to conserve space on their handset hard drives. (Heavy smartphone photographers may upload up to 1000 5MB photos/month with the Photozou+ service)

Photos uploaded by Photozou+ users will be viewable anywhere with an internet connection, and communication between Photozou and Photozou+ users will be possible.

Photozou+ application site:

Photozou+ monthly fees will be 500 JPY excluding applicable taxes

1. Photo storage space will be expanded to 5GB/month
2. Individual photo sizes will not be capped, allowing for easy upload of very high resolution photos
3. PC and mobile ads will be blocked
4. Photos will be stored in a more secure form

[About Photozou]
Service started on September 8th, 2005. Current membership is approximately 3.3 million people, and over 200 million photos have been uploaded to date.
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Company Information
OFF Line Co., Ltd.
Location: Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku, Kamiosaki 2-24-13 904
President: Koichi Ishizuka
Established: October 2013
Capital: 44,100,000 yen (including capital reserve)
Business: Development of short-range communications applications (AirTalk) that use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), photo SNS service management, operations of SNS photo, Internet advertising.
Company URL:
AirTalk URL:
Photozou URL:

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