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What you can do with AirTalk.

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Want an easy way to communicate with people in your vicinity?
AirTalk is the new, fun way to communicate with anybody in a 100m radius, kind of like a digital shout out with you at the center!

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Photozou is a free site for easily posting and sharing photographs. With Photozou, you can easily share digital photos publicly or reserve them for friends and family.

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AirTalk is a proximity-based messaging application that uses cutting edge low-power Bluetooth and WiFi technology. iOS version released.

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Corporate philosophy

It is OFF Line Corporation’s ambitious goal to pioneer a new type of short-range communication protocol built entirely with low-power Bluetooth and Wifi technology.

AirTalk messenger was developed to be used with or without an internet connection in order to help facilitate communication within a local 100m – 50km radius.

Unlike standard internet protocol-based messaging applications like LINE, Facebook or Blackberry Messenger, AirTalk can be used in an environment where no data connection is present. Imagine being able to communicate a plea for help during a natural disaster, or find information in a crowded venue or underground space where data connections are too weak to connect to the internet.

While AirTalk messenger has numerous practical applications to make life safer and easier, it is our secondary goal to completely disrupt the growing location-based advertising market.

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