OFF Line’s AirTalk establishes Partnership with Miss Aoyama University beauty contest October 30th 2014


OFF Line Co. Ltd. (Tokyo, President: Mr. Koichi Ishizuka) which operates Japan’s largest Photography focus SMS, Photozou, (3.3 million monthly active members, 2.3 million smartphone users) will officially support Aoyama University during the Miss Aoyama beauty contest. OFF Line AirTalk Messenger users will be able to communicate with Miss Aoyama contestants using AirTalk’s beacon communication technology.

Miss Aoyama Contest Site

AirTalk users will be able to communicate with and cheer on their favorite Miss Aoyama candidates while communicating with other AirTalk users within a 200m radius, no internet or data connection required. Because AirTalk messages can be synced natively with Twitter the goal is to promote a more lively yet interpersonal contest.
AirTalk is built with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and takes advantage of AirBeacon Technology. Similar technology, such as Apple’s iBeacon, is comparable with the main differences performance-related. AirTalk was developed with terminal-to-terminal communication in mind, the result is transfer speeds up to 10 times faster than similar existing services.

Company Information
OFF Line Co., Ltd.
Location: Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku, Kamiosaki 2-24-13 904
President: Koichi Ishizuka
Established: October 2013
Capital: 44,100,000 yen (including capital reserve)
Business: Development of short-range communications applications (AirTalk) that use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), photo SNS service management, operations of SNS photo, Internet advertising.