OFF Line CO., Ltd. Has Developed a Movement and Position Information System for Dementia Patients

OFF Line CO., Ltd., located in Shinagawa, Tokyo (CEO: Koichi Ishizuke), runs Japan’s largest photo SNS website “Photozou” with over 7 million registered users and has now developed AirTalk, a smart phone app for dementia patients. Kanazawa West Hospital, with the cooperation from officials of 32 organizations centering on the logic of care net Kanazawa, carried out a large scale demonstration (“Watching Over the System”) in Kanazawa, Ishikawa on April 14 & 15, 2016.
The demonstration was a collaboration of officials from 32 organizations, including Kanazawa West Hospital (Hospital director Tsutomu Kikuchi) and Rikutuna care net Kanazawa (Representative Kanazawa Home Care Clinic Ryota Kurose ).
The demonstration utilized the terminal for short range wireless use of the AirTalk and Beacon smartphone apps.

AirTalk, when installed at the patient’s home, hospital, or nursing office, delivers location information in real time to a care manager’s smartphone by using fixed wireless terminals attached to the patient.
Position information can also be delivered to the patient’s family or care manager upon request or detection of the patient leaving a designated area.
As a result, the location information of wandering dementia patients will be sent with a map to the family or care manager in real time when the patient leaves their home or care facility. The AirTalk app does not need to be actively running; even when in a sleep state, beacon information will be detected and location information can be delivered.
AirTalk can detect the beacon from up to 100 meters away. The beacon weighs 6g, has a diameter of 3.5cm, and thickness of 5mm with a battery life of up to 1 year. The present system can use the beacon of any manufacturer.
The demonstration was conducted in a 4km square in the Kanazawa city area. 10 beacons were detected by 40 sets of support terminals that delivered to a family terminal. During the test period, the 10 beacons were all detected by the AirTalk app and position information was transmitted in real time to the family terminal successfully.
In addition, we have completed the development of the fixed detection terminals to watch over a specific area for 24 hours by installing multiple low cost, fixed detection terminals (watching over 100 square meters each).
Until now, various short range monitoring services have been proposed, but for the first time in the world, AirTalk, a short range wireless smartphone app, has been developed by OFF Line Co., Ltd.. This will accelerate the realization of the service, and we have also received the consent to continue service from officials at Kanazawa West Hospital.
In the future, based on the results of this demonstration, we will proceed in deploying location based services and home, hospital, and nursing home monitoring systems. This service has been promoting collaboration with companies in Hong Kong, China and the United States of America. Our aim is to develop global standard apps for all dementia patients around the world.



【About AirTalk】
A smart phone application that enables high-speed information communication the smart phone to each other at up to 240 meters in diameter by short-range wireless (BLE / Wi-Fi) without using the Internet.
・AirTalk page
・Facebook page

【About AirTalk】
A smart phone application that enables high-speed communication between smart phones at a range of up to 240 meters utilizing short range wireless (BLE/Wi-Fi) without the need for internet.
・ AirTalk page
・ Facebook page
【AirTalk Corresponding terminal】
・ iPhone4S more
・ iPod touch 5th generation or more
・ iPad 3th generation or more
・ iPad mini
In the above models iOS7or more
*Android version is in development
【Company Profile】
OFF Line Co.,Ltd.
Address:904 2-24-13Kamiosaki,Shinagawaku,Tokyo
CEO:Koichi Ishizuka
Establishment:October 2013
Business:Development of short-range communication applications using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and related consulting business including general strategy and management.
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