No Dataplan Needed: AirTalk Messenger Adds Robust Functionality for North American Debut

Off Line Corporation (Koichi Ishizuka, President and CEO) has recently released “AirTalk” Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) + WiFi + GPS smartphone communication platform.

AirTalk allows users to create a BLE and WiFi-based ad-hoc mesh network allowing internet free user-to-user communication within a 350’ radius and includes a GPS-based data connection within a 30 mile radius. The current iteration of AirTalk has achieved data transfer speeds up to 10X faster than existing iBeacon-style applications.

While AirTalk aims to be the de facto solution for close-distance P2P communication, the robust, in-house developed software natively calculates relative distances between users. This makes AirTalk an ideal platform for marketers innovating in the nascent location-based advertising industry. Likewise, consumer applications of the AirTalk platform include easy communication during times when telephone and internet services become interrupted such as during natural disasters and crowded festivals and events. In earthquake-prone Japan AirTalk’s functionality is ideal for locating people in distress; likewise, enabling GPS while using AirTalk creates an ideal solution for long-distance drivers or people looking for a safety blanket in unfamiliar territory.

Native Features of AirTalk include:

  • Internet-free P2P communication
  • Photo posting
  • Twitter sync (dataplan required)
  • Location-based broadcast chat
  • Private chat

About Air Talk 

Current release: 0.9.5 (iOS version)
AirTalk page:
Facebook page:

System Requirements

  • iOS7+
  • iPhone4S (or greater)
  • iPod touch (5th generation or greater)
  • iPad (3rd generation or greater)
  • iPad mini (1st generation or greater)

*Android version in development

Corporate Information

OFF Line Co., Ltd.
Location: Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku, Kamiosaki 2-24-13 904
President: Koichi Ishizuka
Established: October 2013
Capital: 112,100,000 Yen
Tel: 81-3-6303-9988
AirTalk URL:
Company URL: